Wednesday, August 24, 2011

same color + same color = ?

Allow me to apologize in advance for the topic of the post. I am sorry I'm talking about paint. Again.

But here's the reason why. In the midst of me looking for inspiration and ideas all over the internet I have come across some design advice, on more than one occasion, that is starting to bother me. And by bother I mean, give me a complex and make me rethink my entire home decor. The advice is; all rooms in a house should be painted in a unified colorway.

Do you agree?

I'm not sure if I do but I'm also a first time homeowner so I have no real experience to go by. And while I know that it would be silly to have one room beige and the room next door neon orange I'm not sure that I want every room in my home painted varying shades of blue-green-gray. In fact, I had my heart set on painting our guest bedroom a bold peacock blue and doing my craft room a bright kelly green. Will that clash with a gray master bedroom, a chocolate loft and a mint green-blue downstairs? Do I have to paint the den that joins the downstairs the same color since it has no doors? Cause honestly in my opinion that just sounds downright booooring.

Here is one very thorough article about the subject and the one that really got me rethinking my plan.

So can I do different colors without it looking stupid?

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  1. Well, sweetie, the nice thing about agency is we can do whatever we want. Unfortunately, the consequences are something we have no control over. Yes you can paint your home any color you want, but you may have people walking away wondering, and you will definitely affect your resale value. Having said that, however, here's my advice. Paint any area's that can be seen from a main room in a unified color scheme. Not necessarily the same color, but colors that compliment and blend nicely from one room to the next. My kitchen, liv. rm., dining rm., office and upstairs loft can all be seen from the main living area, so they must all blend nicely. Any room that can be shut off can be painted and decorated however you want, so go crazy. If you have second story walls like I do, then you want to make sure you do a conservative color that will blend with any room that attaches to it. You can't keep painting those 27 ft. walls. It's a pain and it's expensive. So keep your creativity low to the ground. Even with the icky rules, you can still have fun. Aunt Linda signing off.