Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Men vs. Women

So, one of my "high priority"items to buy once we move are couches. The couches we have now are ones that I had from when I was single and lived with Britt. And while it was just two twenty something girls using them they look as if they came from the waiting room of a kindergarten. At one point they were beautiful, modern, clean lined, low profile couches with light fawn microfiber. Now they are broken, sprung, cracked, stained, dirty, ruined, lumpy couches that probably wouldn't even get taken if we set them on the curb and put a "free" sign on them. All that withstanding my husband still seems to think they are fine. I hate them. My hatred started about a year ago and has now grown to the point where I don't even enjoy sitting on them anymore. So you can understand the idea of getting rid of them thrills me to my bones. And yet despite my constant vocalization of said hatred (done as often as I can so John, knows just how much I want to get rid of them) this is the conversation we just had:

me: I really want to get our deposit back so I'm going to make sure that the doors are replaced and shampoo the carpet before we go
12:19 AM me: thats $1100 and mama needs a new rug and some couches!
me: I'd love to be able to use it for that. its not practical
me: it is hun. We NEED them. Not want. NEED
12:20 AM dont need rugs, have a couch
me: We cannot have those couches down stairs. they are broken and will scratch the tile no they wont
its tile
me: yes they will. Its a big metal spring.
yes tile scratches and they arent daggers
for legs
me: its the spring and the broken boards
12:21 AM talk later

Here is the bottom of the love seat.
See that big lump? I wanted to see exactly what I was working with so I pulled the backing off and this is what it revealed:
"dont need rugs, have a couch"
WHAAAAAAA? He must be crazy. Crazy I tell you. Even Sundae is appalled.
Mama is buyin a new couch. End of discussion.


  1. Christy wanted me to read this and kept saying "What does this remind you of?"
    "Who does this sound like?"
    "Does this remind you of someone??"

    And I said, "Nope."


  2. The pictures of your couch didn't come through and you have my curiosity so peaked I can't stand it.

  3. Hopefully its fixed now! I did it like 3 times and they keep going away!