Saturday, August 6, 2011

More nonsense about the loft.

So after my big rant about not knowing what to do with the loft I spent a LONG time perusing the internets for something that would make my stunted design light bulb finally turn on. I'd have even taken flicker for that matter.
My favorite pic from the last post was the one with the stenciled wall. I showed John and he said, "uh that's kinda gaudy..." but after I shoved some more pictures of the same idea down his throat he was on board with the stenciling. Ha!
Anyway, I came across a picture that did strike my fancy in way of its color palette. It got me looking for similar palette inspiration that I could use as a spring board for the space.

This is the room that I really liked the color palette of. I like the serene and calm feeling it evokes while also seeming both warm and comfortable.

Here are some palettes I found that are similar that I like:

Which is your favorite?


  1. I like the antiquities and the dried color pallet. But especially the antiquities pallet. I may steel that one for my own. Where did you find it?

  2. I found the site on another blog but it has tons and tons of palette inspiration. Its . You'll love it. I loved the antiquities too! I think it may be too warm for the palette I'm using around the rest of the house, I'll probably end up using the winter scent with maybe some of the brighter colors in baked hues. Are you re-doing your house?

  3. Love the feeling in the first picture (blue and brown--hmmm--very familiar!) but if I had to choose a palet for you I'd choose the lantern hues. Calm, serene, but with a hint of the southwest.