Saturday, April 30, 2011

hello there, allison weems

Something fantastic has happened.

After getting married my husband convinced me to change my email address to one that includes my married name. That was fine(ish) except for one small very annoying problem. I have been forced to continue to blog under my old email account for the last year, due to ownership permissions. But today I FINALLY found out how to switch over to my new email account. You see it wasn't exactly easy because google wouldn't let me attach two google accounts. But that is all i the past.

Why does this matter to you? Well it doesn't really. But you have to read about it anyway because thats what I am writing about and I am all too excited to not have to log out of one google account and log into another one every time I want to blog. It also means that other people may actually know that I have a blog now too. I currently follow over 200 blogs and before, if anyone were to click on my name they would be taken to no where. Until now! Now they will be taken to hello, there...

And so to all of my potential new followers (wishful thinking isn't it!)... enjoy!

btw should anyone else be experience this life altering dilema, the solution is here.

Friday, April 29, 2011

hello there, decor inspiration...

So, obviously you already know that we are buying a home but as of yesterday, its officially official. Which can only mean one thing for me. I have gone into full hyperdrive decorating mode. I'm border line obsessed. Really.

And so I thought I would share some of my inspiration rooms with you! So for today, we'll start in...
The Owners Suite
(isn't that so much more fancy pants than master bedroom?)

I started with what I already knew what I wanted. And for someone who is VERY indecisive the fact that I have anything decided at all is kind of a big deal. (Btw, John is very involved in the decor process. I run everything by him and mostly agree with each other. But since this is my blog I will continue to say "I")

Our bedroom will remain in the gray, white and yellow color scheme. But now that I can paint the walls and do whatever I want to the room it will look 1000 times more fantastic than it does now.

One of my favorite gray/white and yellow bedrooms from one of my favorite design blogs: three men and a lady This room has deservedly been featured in many a decor blog and magazine. If mine looks half this good I'll be thrilled.

I love the framed molding on this one. It gives the room charm as well as helps to de-builderfy (yes, I just made up that word but get used to it cause you'll hear it a lot!) it.

It should be noted that this is also our wedding colors which, for us, is like a private little reminder of our union.

Monday, April 25, 2011

hello there, Easter...

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sorry this is a day late, things have been a little hectic around our house lately.

My (extended) family has been dealing with some very difficult circumstances lately. We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes that everyone has sent their way. The one happy thing to come from it is that, we have quite a few out of town guests staying with us. It is nice to have some of my side of the family in town and spend time with them.

For Easter yesterday we went to church with my grandma, and watched a beautiful Easter program put on by our ward choir. I was so impressed with how large the choir was and how many beautiful voices were in it.

Afterward, we met up with our family at a steakhouse called Rustlers Rooste. John and I had never heard of it but it was a lot of fun. Its a big tourist trap so they have lots of fun things in the restaurant like, a slide for the kids, a LIVE bull (ouside), things like snake and alligator on the menu and they give everyone cotton candy when the check comes. (that was my favorite part!) We had a great time getting to know some parts of the family better and meeting new people. We are grateful that we got to be a part of the fun.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful easter as well!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

hello there, 9 lives...

For seven hours my cat was dead today.

Or so we thought.

My one year old, Jax, went out to play at 8 this morning as normal. Abnormally though, did not come home for an afternoon nap/beg mom for dinner early. In fact, I called and called him and he didn't come home. It was hot today, not too hot, but hot enough for it to be odd that he wouldn't have come home at some point to cool down in the air conditioning and get some water. Then 5 o'clock came, the cats dinner time, and still no Jax. Now I was worried. If there was one thing that could be counted on it was that Jax was always around for meals. But 5 o'clock also meant it was time for me to leave for work so I called John and told him the whole thing and he said he would look for him as soon as he got home.

Here's where I go from worried to life-crushing-devastation.

About 45 minutes later I get a text from John at work with "can you talk?". I immediately knew something was wrong. John said that he went driving around looking for him and found a dead cat that looked like him right outside our neighborhood but wasn't completely sure if it was him.

It gets a little gross here.

Since he wasn't sure if it was Jax or not I made (he really didn't want to) him go back and take a picture and send it to me. 5 minutes later, after viewing the picture, I knew it was him. Fortunately my manager happened to be sitting right there when all of this happened and immediately asked if I needed to go home. "Yes"

On my way home I called my mom and cried. I called John and cried. And I cried alone, big loud sobbing tears. Jax was special. He had brought John and I closer during a hard time. He was my sole comfort and friend when we had first moved here. He was Sundae's big brother and playmate. And now, just like that, he was gone.

When I got home John had retrieved what was left of him, and had already dug a hole for him to be buried in. (He even ran to the store to get a shovel because we didn't have one.) I looked at the body one more time, to try and confirm it was him, it was so badly damaged it was hard, but I told myself it was. John put his favorite toy, an old chewed up ribbon, in the hole covered him up and said a prayer. We said a few words and then went for a walk to find a rock to mark the spot with. We choose a large, smooth, dark gray stone and laid it on his resting place.

We went inside and John held me while I laid on the bed and cried. Sundae curled up in the corner of the room and just laid there. Not her norm, it was as if she knew. I told him I wanted to be alone and ended up crying myself to sleep.

And then...

At midnight, John comes in the room and in an almost panicked voice says, "Ali! Ali wake up! Jax is alive! I was sitting at the computer and heard a cry at the door. At first I thought I was hearing things just because I wanted him to be there, but then it came again and when I got up and looked there he was waiting at the door to come in.!"


I jumped out of bed and sure enough there he was drinking a gallon of water and begging to be fed.

We were so happy we said a prayer of thanks and then celebrated with milkshakes.

Jax, I don't know what you were doing for 18 hours but we are glad to have you back. And, you're grounded.

Happy to be home in mama's arms.

Sundae was happy.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hello there, ebay hunter....

As of late there are a few things that I feel like I've been endless hunting for on ebay.

A navy blue cardigan. You would think that this would be an easy thing to pick up. Especially from a place like ebay. Its not, and probably due to the fact that I'm quite picky about how it looks. I want dark navy, the kind that almost looks black, crew neck, long sleeves and plain small matching buttons. Again, very simple and classic and yet for whatever reason is not.
A little too blue

Exactly. Maybe if I ask she'll give it to me no?

Coral ballet flats. Particularly, if the even exist, coral linen. I wear a LOT of blue, gray and white. and the red family is a great compliment to all of them. But I'm not really that keen on the color red, thus coral. And, because I want them to be summery I don't want a plastic or leather and linen is the type of fabric that only looks better as it fades and gets worn.

The color is right but thats about it.

Closer but still leather. And if those have an elastic back that is a no too.

A black and white knit, mid-thigh length, straight or tulip skirt. I've found lots and lots of minis. And I've considered just buying a large on the basis that because the waist will be larger it will sit lower on me thus making it less-mini. But I'm holding out hope for something better.

Too short

A Holga. This one is not a hard find. I'm just, for whatever reason, continually holding off on this rather inexpensive purchase. Although I will say I'm holding out hope someone will post the mint green version exclusive to Urban Outfitters.

hello there, famous....

Thats right. I'm famous.
You didn't know?
huh. weird.
Ok I give. I'm not, but our wedding is my photographer's featured wedding on his site, and my photographer is featured on And so what I really mean is I'm honored. Whenever I look at my wedding pictures I am still shocked at how incredible they are.

See for youself!

Hot right?

See more here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

hello there, early riser....

The past couple of days have been good. Real good.

I slept at night for the first time in two weeks. I woke up at 5am but beggars can't be choosers right?

I got the Sims Medieval a couple of days ago and I'm totally hooked. What can I say, I'm a nerd. But its fun so I don't care.

And this afternoon, we are going to sign a contract. Not just any contract, THE contract. I am so excited!!!!

Here's a peek of a few of the model pics!

The upstairs loft

The dining area/living room

The master

Guest bathroom

Us in the kitchen

More to come!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hello there, bicycle part deux...


Guess what? Its 1:39 am. And I'm wide awake. Surprised? Probably not. I wish I was sleeping right now though. I really really do. My house has been messy for a week and I keep saying I'm going to clean it and then I keep being a bum. Husband is so sweet though, he just says "don't worry hun, its not dirty and you deserve to do whatever makes you happy." I love him. But really, the missionaries are coming over tomorrow evening and its my last day off before the work cycle starts up again, so I really really need to get it done.

We had a fun weekend. Friday, we had dinner and watched some TV. Husband was burnt out from the work week but I was jonesin to get out of the house so I decided to get a new new bike. This wasn't spur of the moment. After purchasing our first pair of bikes I started doing some research on them and found out that they were no bueno for what we needed. We had bought mountain bikes but should have bought hybrids. So after A LOT of research I found us some Schwinn's. Yay! We were going to go do the returning/purchasing on Saturday but I couldn't wait. So off I went!

After sleeping in till 5pm on Saturday (yes you read that right) we went out and got husbands new bike and all the fixins! And even thought it was a rare, cold and rainy night, we just HAD to take them out for a ride. Bliss! I seriously think we have found a new hobby.

In fact, Sunday we were still so excited about the bikes we got up and rode them to get breakfast. 15 miles! Holy cow! Our buns were hurtin but we were so happy we did it. And I loved spending the day with him. Its not too often that we both have the whole day to spend together so I treasure the times we do.

BTW I have vowed to take more pictures of our lives. I'm missing out on way to many magical moments! In the meantime you'll have to settle for these stock photos of our bikes.

So fun huh! I kinda want to make mine a little more vintagey by getting a brown leather seat, brown handle bars and white tires. Also, sadly, my derailer isn't red but thats ok. I still love it to death!

Monday, April 4, 2011

hello there, bicycle....

I'm up at 3:30 am for two reasons.
1) I started my new job at the hospital where I work the night shift. I was supposed to work tonight but they called me off and in an attempt to not throw my sleep schedule off completely, as I have to work the next couple of days, I'm trying to stay up.
2) I'm on exercise induced endorphin high! This morning we got up and hiked SanTan Mountain with our friends Drew and Laura. It was the perfect not-too-easy-not-too-hard hike. And then this evening, in a moment of pure spontaneity, we bought his and her's mountain bikes.

We have both mentioned on several occasions how much we'd like to have bikes cause there are so many trails to ride around here so we are VERY excited to have them. We had to pat ourselves on the back cause we mapped our first ride and found out we went 7.5 miles! Quite good for two people who are out of shape!