Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick update.

As I'm sure you can guess things have been VERY busy at the Weems' household lately.
We are officially a little over a week away from our big move. I honestly can't say if I'm excited yet. I don't know if it quite feels real. Despite the fact that my house looks like this:
Sundae is supervising all packing so that she can ensure all her toys are put in correctly.
I guess its because this process has been going on for sooooooo long. I mean we started in February. Thats 7 months! much longer than the average move. But I'm sure once we go out to rent that UHaul next week its all gonna hit me like a ton of bricks.
I also dont really have too much time to get excited because along with attempting to pack up our house I also unofficially started school today. This process, as many of you know, has not been without a multitude of problems including almost not being able to start as of yesterday, which I'll get into in a minute. All I'm saying is, like the house, its been going on for so long its hard to believe its actually happening.
So here's what happened yesterday. I had to go to the school and turn in all of my health and vaccination paperwork. It should be noted that my campus is an hour away and so I try to avoid going there as much as possible. But they had to have it beforehand so off I went. I'll fast forward to the part where after the secretary checked over my paperwork said that I didn't have everything. She said that they require a two part TB test and that I didn't have any Tetanus papers. I explained that I did have the two part TB (the two part is new and less common btw) and showed her where it said that I received part one in October and part two in March. She said they can't accept it. I was confused and said they are good because it has not been a year. But she told me no, that the second one has to be done 1-3 weeks after the first. So I said that I had this done at Banner Hospital (the hospital where we will be doing our clinicals and who requires the two step) and they accept it and when my Dr. checked it she said that it was valid as well. She basically told me she didn't care and that I had to get another redone today or I would not be able to come in for orientation tomorrow. Then when she asked me about the Tetanus shot I told her I asked my Dr. and was told you cannot titer for that so she just wrote down the date I got it. The school said I had to have documentation. The problem was that the documentation was at my previous job. In Delaware. And it was 1pm Western time. And they close at 4pm Eastern time. Meaning, they were closed now. When I explained this and asked if I could turn the paper in tomorrow morning I was told no and that I would have to get another Tetanus as well. And then she decided she thought my Hep B was too old. Even though you only have to get it once in your life, when you are born, and told me to get that done too. So in a fit of tears and anger I was forced to drive all the way back across town, rush into my Dr.'s office and beg to get them done right then.
My arms hurt really bad. Seriously. Tetanus is no joke, it feels a lot like someone took a whack at you with a baseball bat.
I was supposed to go to the house tomorrow to measure the fridge opening so we could order our appliances but I got a call this evening to pick John up from work because one of his tires apparently exploded from the heat.
John seems to think it will be fine. I, however, can only think, WHYYYYYYYYYY? Why now? But John spent the evening cheering me up by taking my mind off things with a hamburger and a movie.
So there you go. Peace has returned to the Weems house. Cleanliness? No. Its a chaotic mess here. But there is peace. Somewhat.
Here is a little sneak preview of the inside.
I can't wait to show you the whole thing!
Btw, next week will be even more chaotic than this one so don't be upset if a new post doesn't come right away.

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