Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello, there minimal cinema

I don't remember how but, during some very fortuitous web surfing, I stumbled across this little treasure of a site and am totally smitten. Its called minimal movie posters and is basically a collection of lots of different graphic designers re-designed movie posters.

And its awesome.

My husband and I poured over the images forever and had fun picking out our favorite ones. We both tended to be partial to the ones that used some intelligent humor for their artwork selection and that had a vintage flare.
These are submitted by a large variety of people so not all of them are readily for sale but with a little digging you can probably get your grubby paws on the one you want. We were even able to order a couple we really loved! Here are some of our favorites:

It was hard to even narrow it down to these few!


Monday, February 7, 2011

hello there, Gimp..

First, you should know this is my first attempt at blogging from my phone. Which means the combination of my phone and the speech to text recognition this should be finished in no time flat.

The speech to text comes in very handy given my current situation. Long story short I broke my middle left finger in such a way that it was pointing way far off to the left. I had to get surgery to straighten it out and my entire left hand is now wrapped up like a giant boxing glove. So there won't be a whole lot of blogging going on until I have two hands to type again.

On a happier note I bought johns valentines day present which has sort of a funny story that I'll tell you about next time.

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