Monday, October 15, 2012

The Design Itch

Well I'm back on the horse with decorating my house. There's just one or two small problems:

One) I kinda want to change the color scheme down stairs. And upstairs. And in my bedroom. And guest room. And bathroom. And anywhere else I forgot. Two) I've been somewhat planning to purchase the rest of our furniture, decor and what not with my new found extra income. Income that currently does not exist. Ergo, I gots no money to redecorate my house.  

So instead I shall obsessively plan what I want to do when we get money. 

Firstly, the changes. Currently I have a very light scheme downstairs. Light blue-green walls, light flax couch, light beige and gray curtains, white, dark blue, and green accents accents. There is some black in there but it is only because it is furniture I haven't replaced yet. 

What I want, is something a little more bold, fresh, and edgy. Something that pushes my out of my comfort zone and makes me say "yes! I love this!". I see decor like this all the time. (Thank you pinterest.) But, for whatever reason, when I planned the room I went a different direction. Basically, I like the room but I don't love the room. To me, the space is nice, and pretty but kinda borders on a shabby chic vibe and I don't want that. Its a little too girly for me. 

Basically, what I'd like to add is a LOT more black and white. 

Here's what I have in mind:

The Living Area

The current state of things. 
(Sorry the pics are poorly colored. I took them in the evening. But you get the jist) 


I have honestly never really liked the rug. I settled on it out of desperation one day after finding out the rug that I had spent months searching for was permanently out of stock. 

Change out the throw pillows. 
Black and white please. 

Couch table. 
The floor space behind the couch is quite large and can easily accommodate something. 

Again, empty floor space. 

Entertainment center
Currently we are using an Ikea book shelf. It's the wrong design style, and too short for our 60 inch telly. 

Coffee table
Throw in the trash. ASAP. Seriously though. I have wanted a new one since I said "I Do"
Realistically it will end up in the loft where I will try to repaint. Another room in desperate need of a redesign and furniture. 

Less pastel, more B&W.

I hate to get rid of them. I JUST got them about 3 months ago. What if I changed the bottom band to black?

And if I'm feeling really randy...

A New couch. 
I know. I know. I blathered on and on and on about getting a new couch. How could I possibly want a new one already? Well, see the thing is, I'd actually like something a little bigger, a little darker, and a little more squishy? Kinda like exactly what I had in mind to get for the LR in the first place. A dark gray, velvet, 2 piece couch set. Our couch now is good. And I can certainly live with it. But I'd love to stick it up in the loft where currently an old gross futon resides.   

Repaint the baseboards and ceilings. 
Our house came with every surface a light beige color. Walls. baseboards. Doors. Ceilings. White, would pop out the colors so much better than the beige that is there now. But, its a ton of work. And probably not a ton of payoff. 

Here is a mock up of what I have in mind. 

So that's the plan. Or wish. Opinions? Thoughts? 

We'll talk more. 

Love ya