Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hunting for art....

Now that I am in full "nesting" mode I have moved into the phase where I need art. Everywhere. I am an artistic and creative person and (whether people know it or not) my husband is as well. That being said, our walls are baren.

When I look at them its like they are saying to me, "Why Allison? Is there really nothing worthy of my large expanse for you to display?" Ok so that may be a bit dramatic but you get the idea. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I seem to be having a lot of trouble finding things that are expressive, unique and beautiful and cohesive with my decor.

But I do find these things quite inspirational

These two came from this blog post on yellow and gray color schemes which, as you all know is my favorite. I love every thing about the first picture, the ostrich wall paper, chevron curtains, the lucite table, etc. I like the art above the bed in the second picture. It is interesting and pretty and not your average wall hanging or mirror.

I love this art grouping for a number of reasons. One, I love the modern/retro color scheme of corals, grays, and yellows. Two, I'm a sucker for art with text in it, and this has quite a bit. Three, I love the mixture of both modern art and vintage, ie; the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster paired with the silhouette picture. And four, the underlying theme of all of the art is love, which makes the entire thing both charming and endearing.

This is from a blog post on how to make your own DIY pinhole art. While, I'm not keen on the beach themed art featured in the blog, I do think its unique. Plus I love how easy it is to make yourself.

Speaking of making yourself...

This rug is a chic and cheap DIY project that you can count on me doing. I have been on the hunt for a non aquarium looking turquoise rug for my kitchen and when I found this I knew that this is just the ticket. If you can't already tell I am fond of all things chevron right now and this is no exception. You can find the full instructions here.


Friday, July 9, 2010

bows and diagrams

Two very random ideas.

Number 1:
I am, and have been for quite some time now, crazy about anything with bows on it. I love, for lack of a better phrase, the "little girl" look that is popular right now. Short brightly colored nails, large hair accessories, and especially all of the childish prints on adult clothing including, bows. I love the sense of whimsy and fun that they bring to an outfit. How a simple white t-shirt can suddenly be dressed up with the addition of a large bow. That being said, I saw this print of Mrs. Becks and had two thoughts.

1) I LOVE that dress.
2) I want to knit that print into a sweater.
(btw this is apparently a shot of her after getting off a long flight. Who looks like that after a flight? Ugh, only in my dreams.)

Number 2:
I am also crazy for vintage diagram prints right now. I love the vintage geekiness of them. Their timeless look as well as the feeling that your getting an education when you gaze at them makes them very covetable. Alas, I can't really find what I'm look for. I have looked on Etsy but with much dismay I have only come up with a lot of Anatomical prints, not appropriate for the kitchen but still cute, or Animal meat prints. Morbid, enough said.

I'm looking for some old prints similar to this

But more technical looking. Like a vintage canister vacuum diagram or a cooktop stove diagram.

So till then I'll keep looking.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Small appliance greed

There are three things that are very high on my I-want-you-really-bad-but-don't-have-the-money-for-you list.

A sewing machine. Not picky about brand, just want one that does the basics.

A KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Ice Blue - swoon!

An Icecream maker. Preferably this one because it has all the bells and whistles but I'd take any of them.

Ok so I know that is four things but the icecream maker and the popcicle maker are interchangable.

I think I'll start looking on Craigslist for a sewing machine. Thats probably the best place to find a good deal.

Speaking of Craigslist, John is working on a project that is very similar to Craigslist but MUCH more user friendly. So prepare for some shameless self promotion once its ready to roll. ; )

On a completely unrelated side note, we are doing this. Starting this week.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The price of beauty is...

...endless. Lately I've been watching a lot of beauty vlogs on youtube. So naturally I now want all of the products that said vlogger's are raving about.
EOS lip balm in summer fruit

Essie nail polish in van d'go

Nars multiple bronzer

And the coup d gras, Somme Institute's skin care line

But it does leave me feeling a little gluttonous and greedy. Is it enough to stop me from buying these things?

Probably not. ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

High on paint fumes....

I went to goodwill on their 50% off day and got a couple of little items plus 4 lamps for around $25!

Here they are plus my dining room table, prepped and ready for painting.

And after!

Looks so much better right? I'm happy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Design blog thy name is inspiration...

So as I mentioned before I'm not too pleased with the decor in my house. It isn't horrible its just very vanilla and not very Allison. And I have desperately been searching for inspiration on what to do to remedy this problem. And boy did I find it!

My lovey SIL Julie (Have I mentioned I have the most outstanding in-laws one could ever ask for?) was apparently on the same quest to redecorate her living room when she came across this blog...

She is a DIY genius! The longer you spend on her blog the more you start to believe "Hey, maybe I can do this!" What sold me to really give it a try was that she just so happens to have a DIY tutorial on there on how to make something that I have been wanting for a VERY long time. Instead of telling, I'll show...

Oh you'll see...

(all images property of Three Men and a Lady)

Thats right! An upholstered headboard! I have always wanted one but alas they were so out of my design budget they instantly became and afterthought. Until now. Isn't it gorgeous! I'm going to do it. I'm determined. First step, procure a sewing machine (not needed for this but I want one still the same)

Here is her entire tutorial.

And so I thank you Three Men and a Lady blog, for the much needed inspiration you provide. This is not the first nor will it be the last that someone will blog about the genius of your DIY.