Monday, August 1, 2011

Fossil Creek

Our dear friends Drew and Laura invited us to hike Fossil Creek with them this weekend. We had a blast! It's about 3 hours north of us up in Peyson. It's a wooded area so the scenery was beautiful and green, a big change of pace from the usual brown we are normally surrounded by and, the air smelled so clean and crisp like fresh lemons and pine. The creek was wide and had worn a wide path through big surrounding quartz rocks that made for some great rapids and waterfalls. The water is amazingly crystal clear and blue. It was also the perfect temperature, cool but not freezing. There were lots of young people out swimming but we managed to find our own little swimming hole. After jumping off the water fall a few times of course!

Down they go!

We loved it so much we almost wish we weren't moving in a few weeks so that we could go back next weekend! Good thing it stays hot in Arizona way into November!

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