Monday, April 25, 2011

hello there, Easter...

Happy Easter Everyone!

Sorry this is a day late, things have been a little hectic around our house lately.

My (extended) family has been dealing with some very difficult circumstances lately. We appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes that everyone has sent their way. The one happy thing to come from it is that, we have quite a few out of town guests staying with us. It is nice to have some of my side of the family in town and spend time with them.

For Easter yesterday we went to church with my grandma, and watched a beautiful Easter program put on by our ward choir. I was so impressed with how large the choir was and how many beautiful voices were in it.

Afterward, we met up with our family at a steakhouse called Rustlers Rooste. John and I had never heard of it but it was a lot of fun. Its a big tourist trap so they have lots of fun things in the restaurant like, a slide for the kids, a LIVE bull (ouside), things like snake and alligator on the menu and they give everyone cotton candy when the check comes. (that was my favorite part!) We had a great time getting to know some parts of the family better and meeting new people. We are grateful that we got to be a part of the fun.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful easter as well!

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