Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hello there, bicycle part deux...


Guess what? Its 1:39 am. And I'm wide awake. Surprised? Probably not. I wish I was sleeping right now though. I really really do. My house has been messy for a week and I keep saying I'm going to clean it and then I keep being a bum. Husband is so sweet though, he just says "don't worry hun, its not dirty and you deserve to do whatever makes you happy." I love him. But really, the missionaries are coming over tomorrow evening and its my last day off before the work cycle starts up again, so I really really need to get it done.

We had a fun weekend. Friday, we had dinner and watched some TV. Husband was burnt out from the work week but I was jonesin to get out of the house so I decided to get a new new bike. This wasn't spur of the moment. After purchasing our first pair of bikes I started doing some research on them and found out that they were no bueno for what we needed. We had bought mountain bikes but should have bought hybrids. So after A LOT of research I found us some Schwinn's. Yay! We were going to go do the returning/purchasing on Saturday but I couldn't wait. So off I went!

After sleeping in till 5pm on Saturday (yes you read that right) we went out and got husbands new bike and all the fixins! And even thought it was a rare, cold and rainy night, we just HAD to take them out for a ride. Bliss! I seriously think we have found a new hobby.

In fact, Sunday we were still so excited about the bikes we got up and rode them to get breakfast. 15 miles! Holy cow! Our buns were hurtin but we were so happy we did it. And I loved spending the day with him. Its not too often that we both have the whole day to spend together so I treasure the times we do.

BTW I have vowed to take more pictures of our lives. I'm missing out on way to many magical moments! In the meantime you'll have to settle for these stock photos of our bikes.

So fun huh! I kinda want to make mine a little more vintagey by getting a brown leather seat, brown handle bars and white tires. Also, sadly, my derailer isn't red but thats ok. I still love it to death!

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