Saturday, April 30, 2011

hello there, allison weems

Something fantastic has happened.

After getting married my husband convinced me to change my email address to one that includes my married name. That was fine(ish) except for one small very annoying problem. I have been forced to continue to blog under my old email account for the last year, due to ownership permissions. But today I FINALLY found out how to switch over to my new email account. You see it wasn't exactly easy because google wouldn't let me attach two google accounts. But that is all i the past.

Why does this matter to you? Well it doesn't really. But you have to read about it anyway because thats what I am writing about and I am all too excited to not have to log out of one google account and log into another one every time I want to blog. It also means that other people may actually know that I have a blog now too. I currently follow over 200 blogs and before, if anyone were to click on my name they would be taken to no where. Until now! Now they will be taken to hello, there...

And so to all of my potential new followers (wishful thinking isn't it!)... enjoy!

btw should anyone else be experience this life altering dilema, the solution is here.

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