Friday, April 29, 2011

hello there, decor inspiration...

So, obviously you already know that we are buying a home but as of yesterday, its officially official. Which can only mean one thing for me. I have gone into full hyperdrive decorating mode. I'm border line obsessed. Really.

And so I thought I would share some of my inspiration rooms with you! So for today, we'll start in...
The Owners Suite
(isn't that so much more fancy pants than master bedroom?)

I started with what I already knew what I wanted. And for someone who is VERY indecisive the fact that I have anything decided at all is kind of a big deal. (Btw, John is very involved in the decor process. I run everything by him and mostly agree with each other. But since this is my blog I will continue to say "I")

Our bedroom will remain in the gray, white and yellow color scheme. But now that I can paint the walls and do whatever I want to the room it will look 1000 times more fantastic than it does now.

One of my favorite gray/white and yellow bedrooms from one of my favorite design blogs: three men and a lady This room has deservedly been featured in many a decor blog and magazine. If mine looks half this good I'll be thrilled.

I love the framed molding on this one. It gives the room charm as well as helps to de-builderfy (yes, I just made up that word but get used to it cause you'll hear it a lot!) it.

It should be noted that this is also our wedding colors which, for us, is like a private little reminder of our union.

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  1. i love the grey and yellow too! if i could re-do my bedroom thats what i would do! gorgeous!