Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hunting for art....

Now that I am in full "nesting" mode I have moved into the phase where I need art. Everywhere. I am an artistic and creative person and (whether people know it or not) my husband is as well. That being said, our walls are baren.

When I look at them its like they are saying to me, "Why Allison? Is there really nothing worthy of my large expanse for you to display?" Ok so that may be a bit dramatic but you get the idea. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I seem to be having a lot of trouble finding things that are expressive, unique and beautiful and cohesive with my decor.

But I do find these things quite inspirational

These two came from this blog post on yellow and gray color schemes which, as you all know is my favorite. I love every thing about the first picture, the ostrich wall paper, chevron curtains, the lucite table, etc. I like the art above the bed in the second picture. It is interesting and pretty and not your average wall hanging or mirror.

I love this art grouping for a number of reasons. One, I love the modern/retro color scheme of corals, grays, and yellows. Two, I'm a sucker for art with text in it, and this has quite a bit. Three, I love the mixture of both modern art and vintage, ie; the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster paired with the silhouette picture. And four, the underlying theme of all of the art is love, which makes the entire thing both charming and endearing.

This is from a blog post on how to make your own DIY pinhole art. While, I'm not keen on the beach themed art featured in the blog, I do think its unique. Plus I love how easy it is to make yourself.

Speaking of making yourself...

This rug is a chic and cheap DIY project that you can count on me doing. I have been on the hunt for a non aquarium looking turquoise rug for my kitchen and when I found this I knew that this is just the ticket. If you can't already tell I am fond of all things chevron right now and this is no exception. You can find the full instructions here.


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  1. In the blog post with the quote "Anything can become an intriguing display," there were a bunch of collections on the wall - the one with the keys particularly reminded me of you.
    You should do something like that!