Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The price of beauty is...

...endless. Lately I've been watching a lot of beauty vlogs on youtube. So naturally I now want all of the products that said vlogger's are raving about.
EOS lip balm in summer fruit

Essie nail polish in van d'go

Nars multiple bronzer

And the coup d gras, Somme Institute's skin care line

But it does leave me feeling a little gluttonous and greedy. Is it enough to stop me from buying these things?

Probably not. ;)


  1. the only beauty type vlog i watch is itsjudytime, but i rather enjoy it.
    also, i don't know if you're already using bloglovin.com, but if not, you definitely should.
    it's so much easier and more navigable than blogger is, and is just better. i love it. i'm constantly on it.
    you can also find more blogs that might interest you that you wouldn't have heard of otherwise. check it out.

  2. Thanks I currently use feedly which I love because it lays out all your feeds in a magazine style format but I will check out bloglovin too!