Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello there, long lost blog.....

Its been FOREVER since I last blogged. Where have I been? Nowhere really. I just got caught up in married life, job hunting, school searching and settling into my new home and new life.

So what do I have to say... everything and nothing all at once. Haha. So instead of blabbing I'll show you.

Meet Sundae! She is our sweet and sassy new little girl. She's half Persian half Himalayan. We had a little health scare with her when we first got her but she's healthy and happy and absolutely LOVES her big brother Jax.

We went to see Norm McDonald. Let me save you the money. It was not worth it. He was drunk, and mumbling and therefore not so funny. BUT it was still fun to get out on a fun out-of-the-norm (no pun intended!) date with John.

I started knitting again! These socks are so warm and comfy. If they didn't look too ridiculous I'd wear them everywhere if I could. Now I'm trying to finish the never ending Hazey Embrace sweater.

It was John's 31st birthday! Happy Birthday Love! We went to GORGEOUS Sedona for the weekend. We fell in love. We stayed in a "hike out" hotel that connected right to Margs Draw trail behind it. We took lots of pictures, ate lots and lots of good food, did some sight seeing and sat back and relaxed.

I'm studying to take the HESI A2 Nursing entrance exam. It is HOPEFULLY my last step before being accepted into the RN program here and starting in the fall. I start a CNA course on Saturday. It's every weekend for six weeks and then I'll be licenced to do the job I was doing back in DE. Hopefully, I'll get in with a hospital here but who knows!

And now I'm working as an Administrative assistant for a Hospice company here in Chandler. Its not too busy but I'm sure I'll appreciate that when I am overburdened with homework.

And now I will resume my regular random design, beauty, and life postings.

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