Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goodbye and Hello!!!

I'm in the last leg of my winter break before school starts back up on Monday. I can't believe its already been a month. Mentally, I really needed it. But I'll try to give you a quick run down of what I/we have been up to. 
Basically, nothing. 
Pretty much anyway. In December, as you know, we went and saw Christmas lights a lot. We drank a lot of hot chocolate and did a whole lot of shopping. I was hoping to host Christmas dinner at our house this year but with one family having a brand new baby and John's parents moving into a new home the timing isn't right. But that's ok., cause I'm pushing (hard) for next year. Plus our house will be much more put together. We spent Christmas eve at John's parents house and it was the best one yet. We took time to sit around and enjoy one another's company which I know we all loved. Plus I loved getting to hold my new niece, Emery, she is a doll! (can we say baby fever?!!! lol) 
Christmas day we woke up late, ate a big beautiful breakfast of stuffed french toast, eggs, sausage and sparkling apple cider. We opened presents, laid around and then went to his brother's family house where we played with the kids new toy, a puppy and had clam chowder for dinner. It was wonderful.

 Our Christmas Tree
 Treats for the Family

 A Birthday Cake for Jesus
 On our way to the parents house for Christmas. (I am notoriously bad at taking pictures of us, so it's kind of a running joke)
 John, my BIL, holding baby Emery
 According to my in-laws it was a "small" Christmas this year. Huh?
 Avery enjoying our Christmas dinner of Famous Daves BBQ. YUM!!
 Present opening chaos.
Addi showing off that the little girls got make-up!
Avery tried hers on already
 Christian with some of the neices and nephews.
 John, who just woke up, about to have Christmas breakfast.
Me, happily smiling about my new Tiffany's necklace from John. :)

Originally the plan for New Years eve was to go to Flagstaff and play in the snow but we slept in so late (oops!) that we changed plans, went out to dinner and then went over to the Casino and had a little fun.

Overall it was a great end to a great year.  

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