Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Greetings and salutations!

Well hello there! Remember me? I'm that girl who used to blog about life up until I sold my soul for a nursing degree. But I'm on break and so I thought I'd check in and say hi. HI!

So whats new? A whole lot of nothing! That's right. I've been on break for a week and a half now and am happy to report I've done next to nothing the entire time. At first this bothered me a little (obviously not enough to do anything about it) cause before my break I had about a zillion things I wanted to do that had been put off due to lack of time. Primarily get my house painted and decorated. Neither of which have even been started. We did pull out the Christmas decorations and buy a rug for the living room which makes a huge difference. It feels so much more cozy now. But, other than that I haven't done much. I'm hoping to get a surge of energy after Christmas that will motivate me to get the painting done cause if I don't I can promise you it wont get done until I graduate. John is just as busy being the breadwinner now so asking him to squeeze in painting the entire downstairs by his lonesome isn't really fair. And why would it have to wait till I graduate? Well actually that is good news. 

I got accepted to a campus closer to home!!!!! (cue angels singing and gas station attendants crying over massive losses) If you don't remember I was commuting almost an hour and half each way to school four days a week. OUCH! This campus is literally 5 minutes from home AND has an accelerated program, which I was accepted into, so that I now graduate a full semester earlier!!!!!!!!! For any of you who have been there since the beginning of my journey you'll know that I am well overdue for some good luck to come my way when it comes to school. 

Last night we drove over to the Mesa temple to see the lights on a whim. It was both of our first time going there and we were so impressed with the display. It was beautiful!!!  I loved that they used colored lights everywhere instead of a bunch of white. There were a ton of people but not so many we couldn't stop for some pictures. We tried to stop for some hot chocolate after but it was closed so we went to the next best place, home. 

Enjoy our blurry pics from our trip to the lights! 

 Not from the trip but I made homemade caramel candy it turned out soooo good! 

 This is the only pic of John! I was playing with a new app. Sorry hun! 

We are both really looking forward to Christmas and I hope to keep you posted on what goes down at the Weem's house. Until then stay safe and warm and enjoy the rest of the season while it lasts! 

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