Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mirror, Mirror...

Oooh I've got a DIY I'm really excited to show you. 
This project has been sitting around waiting to be done for a while and I am SO pleased with the results. Ready for it? 

So I picked up this little gem at a thrift store about 6 months ago for a whopping $5!

I knew I wanted to make some kind of sunburst mirror with it but I didn't have a clear plan so there it sat.

I also spied this beauty on the internets and fell in lurve! 

Isn't it gorg? Its from Ballard Designs and $170. Which makes it out of this girls price range. 

   But then the gears started turning and eventually I got an idea.

 What if, I took that janky old mirror, and got a whole bunch of rectangle mirrors from le dollar tree and attempted to make something like it? 

And that's how this DIY was born. 

Originally I was going to attempt the stupid difficult task of cutting the mirrors so that they would fit together perfectly around the outside. Then I realized that that was a hospital visit waiting to happen so I came up with something else. 

I should give two disclaimers here. First, I kind of took the easy way out. I used hot glue to put them on but, they seem really secure for now so I'm ok with it. But I'll let you know if I wake up to the sound of crashing glass. Second, the mirrors have these little foam dots on the back (they are supposed to be candle holders) which I did try to take off but those suckers must have been welded cause they wouldn't budge! I was worried if I pulled too hard I'd take off the mirror finish so I just left them on. 

First I laid out the first layer making sure they were even spaced all over. Then glued them on one by one. 

I repeated the same thing with the second layer. I let the whole thing dry overnight to make sure the glue was really stuck on there before I attempted to hang it up. And that was it! 

Here it is! 


(sorry for the poor quality pics. but I'm workin with a point and shoot!)


  1. Ali, you're a creative genius (you know you get that from my side of the family, right?) I love the way the mirror turned out, and what I can see of your room is beautiful. Looks like you still need some window dressings, is that true? What do you have planned?