Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year. New Resolutions

Like most, I've made a few resolutions for 2012. 
2012 is sure to be one of the best years because it is the year I graduate!!! *cue harps
But seriously, it'll also hold the first full year in our new home, the completion of a big project at John's job and hopefully some big life changes. So here's to 2012!!! May the world not end because I've worked to darn hard to graduate!!!!! 
Sometime last week it occurred to me that I had had a slew of things that I wanted to do but could not due to time constraints with school that I planned on doing during my break. And it also occurred to me that I had done none of them. So I made a pact to myself that I would not watch TV for the first 5 hours after waking up to force myself to do some of those things. And you know what? Its gone good. Real good. In the last few days I've organized the loft, the guest bedroom, my office, our walk-in closet, hung my curtains and... PAINTED!!!!!!
I painted the master bedroom a deep soothing gray and this we painted the entire downstairs a beautiful pale blue/green. And it looks spectacular!!! I seriously cannot stop staring at my walls. We both just keep saying "Wow! it looks so good!" "I can't believe how nice it looks!" 
Now that the paint is finally on the walls I can really dive in to decorating which I am really really excited about. John is too! Can you believe he actually said "I can't wait to get new couches" ?Whaaaa? And sure enough we picked some out. And they are awesome!!!! I'm not sharing yet cause we haven't bought them but trust me on this. You will love them. 

So on to my resolutions. Some are related to the home, some to my marriage and some to me. 
1.) BE FINISHED. With school that is. Lets face it. This isn't really a resolution but since its top on my priority list its top on this list. 
2.)BE REPRESENTED.  Blog once a week this year. 
3.)BE WISE. Put a dent in our debt
4.)BE DECORATED. Get a few big items for my home. New couches and a kitchen table.
5.)BE ORGANIZED. Specifically related to time management, and day to day activities. 
6.)BE MOTIVATED. Exercise at least 3 times a week. I know this is cliche as its half of the planets resolution but it's a necessary one. 
7.)BE GRATEFUL. For my husband and all that he does to make me happy and give us a great life, more. 
8.)BE PRESENT. Live in the now. I tend to always be looking forward and thinking "things will be so great when..." I need to learn to realize that things are great NOW.
10.)BE LOVED. Go on a date with my husband once a week. This is hard for us because we are both busy bees but we are not so busy that we don't have a few hours for each other once a week. 
11.)BE HEALTHY.  Eat better and not use "I'm busy" as an excuse to eat fast food five times a week. (gross I know but sometimes it happens) 

I'm sure I could go on because lets face it when it comes to New Years resolutions everyone's is basically the same thing,

To be a better person

Here's to a new, better, and exciting year. And now for your view pleasure, some very professional looking cell phone pics!

*Since I'm not quite ready to take a picture of the glory that is our new painted walls you get another picture of....OUR CAT!! He got into a tousle with some bully in the neighborhood and gave us quite a scare but he's getting better. 

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