Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smooth Sundae

We have to be very careful at our house to not leave the pantry door open.
Every time anyone walks into the kitchen Sundae comes barreling in thinking she's going to guilt you into giving her some treats. She's a big loudmouth about the whole thing too, meowing excessively and really loud as if she's trying to tell you she has just escaped a prison camp and hasn't eaten in a month. I mean she'll even jump into the refrigerator when we open it hoping to catch a bite. Ugh!
Anyway, despite her near constant begging for food, once in a while we'll hear a soft crackling and chewing sound coming from the kitchen at which point I know exactly what has happened. She has found the only thing she like BETTER than cat treats...

She has virtually peeled away the outer packaging and if you look at the bottom you'll see she has actually managed to puncture the bag but just can't quite get anything out. Yet.
Fortunately the package has proved to be cat proof. Especially since her brother has been known to get in on the action trying to help her out from time to time. So what is it?


But she has such a little baby cry and the sweetest face you ever saw that you can't possibly stay mad at her for more than eight seconds. I mean really, just look at her here. How could you resist this?

Of course I had to give her some! And don't talk to me about how I'm just teaching her that if she gets into the bag she'll get some. We are practicing a new and very modern discipline at this house its called; spoiled rotten.

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  1. I think I know where you learned this cat discipline--I've got two at home that love this method!