Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A homely update...

As I said before, I did some thrifting over the weekend. I was on mission for frames. Lots and lots of frames. I have always loved the look of a gallery wall so it was kinda a no brainier that I wanted one in my house. And so in the upstairs loft it shall be!

This is the look I'm going for:

I love everything about this room.

Since I did spend all that time, searching for, filling and painting the frames and I have the wall space I figured I test it out in our house now. So this is what my living room wall presently looks like:

Its totally logical to plan out and hang 36 frames a month before you move. Right? .....Right?

By the way, should you ever contemplate hanging your own gallery wall, planning your frame locations like this is BY FAR easier than nailing them all into the wall and hoping for the best, only to end up making a couple hundred holes in the wall before you really get it right.

And yes, we have a little over a month until we move into this guy:

The front

The back

Ahhhhh! Can you believe it? I have dry wall! And windows! And scafolding! haha I'm so excited!!!!! (as if you couldn't tell)


  1. I love the look of the living room too--especially the couch! I'm excited to see the continuing progress of the house. One month! :)

  2. Just thought I'd let you know your mom is the anonymous commentor. It's the only profile I could get to post for me.