Friday, July 8, 2011

It was a little dusty here....

For those of you who live in a hole and did not here about what happened in phoenix the other day, God gave us a preview of the apocalypse.
It came in the form of a behemouth dust storm called a haboob and looked exactly how the news described it. A straight out of a movie, 70 mile wide, ominous black cloud rolling toward you at a very fast rate. It quite litterally looked like the end of the world was enfolding before you and all you could do was watch.
I, being completly obvlious to anything that does not involve the immediate world revolving around me, had no idea what was going on. That is, until I recieved a paniced phone call from my husband who was watching the cloud of doom coming toward us from the top floor of his building. The conversation went something like this:

John: Hey, are you home?

Naive Allison: No, I'm grocery shopping why?

Slightly concerned John: "Because there is a huge dust storm that is coming our way and will make it hard to drive. Can you go home now?

Disregarding Allison: Oh well, I'm just right next door to the neighborhood. I'm about halfway done and I'll be home soon."

Worried husband: "Uh... ok.... well...try to get home as soon as you can ok? It looks bad..."

Moron: " Ok! Call ya when I get home." *click*

~5 minutes later~

Store intercom loudspeakers: "Attenion shoppers. There is a big monsoon coming through. If you live close you should finish your shopping now and head home. If you are far, please feel free to stay in the store till it passes. Its big. Really big. "

Completly brainless and stubborn idiot: (thinks to self) " Wow they are really making a big deal out of some dust. What whimps."

~2 minutes later Fire alarm at store goes off. ~

Stubborn Idiot again: (After noticing I have three missed calls from my husband) "...hmmm maybe I should look outside."

~cue stygian black view outside~

Total blockhead: ......staring outside for 5 minutes...."Ok I'll go home."

Here are a couple of pics and a video of what went down.

In other news, I hit up many a thrift store today so expect a crafty post next!

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