Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did not dye today

I DESPERATELY need my hair done.
My roots are dark and almost two inches long and my blonde is brassy and is staying that way no matter how much purple shampoo I use. And my ends? You would think that I haven't had my hair cut in six months by the looks of them. I just haven't had time since the wedding and the move to do anything. And, now that I'm in AZ I don't have a stylist and now have new stylist anxiety.

So John said I could go ahead and get it done with the next paycheck but in my impatience I thought, "What if I just dye it myself?". I went out and bought two boxes of what I thought was the perfect color. And then I remembered February....
It was orange roots and gray hair.

And so I wait...impatiently, but wait nonetheless.

And while I'm waiting I'm going to try, again, to make marshmallows. Hopefully they will turn out better this time!

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