Sunday, June 20, 2010

A punched Thank You

It is time to give thanks.
Sadly this is something that I have been putting off. Its not that I/we are ungrateful by any means. John and I would not have been able to set up our home together so quickly without the abundance of generous gifts given to us. Its just a daunting task to have to write Thank You over a hundred times and try to make each note personal instead of generic and unthoughtful. That being said, I am diving in and the first place to start is of course, the cards themselves!

So I collected my things...

I didn't want to spend a fortune on the cards so I thought I would buy some ordinary ones and jazz them up a little.

pre-jazziness aka: generic thank you cards from Michaels

mid-jazzing: creating a lace edge with a Martha Stewart Punch Around The Page in "Quilted"

The result! I'm happy with it. Originally I was going to buy a ribbon punch and tie a bow at the top but they didn't have the punch. And really, I don't think they need it.

It wasn't a ton of work but it was just a little something to give them a more custom look.

Now to get writing!

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  1. I love Martha Stewart... that woman is wonderful