Monday, May 30, 2011

hello there, Europe...

I thought I'd blog a little something for you while I gather, upload, organize and edit the 4789 photos I took while we were on vacation .

Ten things I LOVED about Europe;

1.) Gelato stands. My favorite is Lemon and pistachio. (not together)
2.) Fairy tale like little villages complete with cobblestone streets, pink and blue houses, and rolling hills of green.
3.) Peonies growing in everyone's garden.
4.) Public transportation; metros, buses, subways, and bikes. So much better than driving.
5.) Tons of history and culture. Its impossible not to learn something new everyday.
6.) Amazing architecture all over the city.
7.) Castles. Lots of castles.
8.) THE FOOD. Pastry shops, Kebabs, and traditional cultural food everywhere.
9.) Open air markets with fresh produce, food, and trinkets galore.
10.) Water with gas.

City street in Prague. I mean really, isn't this gorgeous!

Which brings me to...

10 Things I love about America:

1.) Free ketchup.
2.) Firm pillows.
3.) More than eight ounces to drink and free refills.
4.) One currency.
5.) Not having the washing machine in the kitchen, or bathroom.
6.) Credit cards are accepted everywhere.
7.) Napkins.
8.) Clothes dryers
9.) Prompt food and attentive waiters.
10.) Washcloths

On the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Many posts to come! Stay tuned!

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  1. i loved working at a gelato shop - i ate lemon gelato all day every day. <3!