Monday, May 23, 2011

hello there, Melk....

Day 5

Melk, Austria.

Melk is even more quaint than Cesky Krumlov. And the drive there is breathtaking. Especially this time of year because there are hundreds of fields of yellow mustard that seem to burst against the bright blue skys which you saw in the last post.

And you know when we got to Austria I couldn't help but belt a few verses of The Sound of Music!

As soon as we got checked in we rented bikes and set off to do a 34 km bike ride starting in Melk. Then we were to hop on a ship and cruise down the Danube back to Melk again. The bike ride was breathtaking, we loved the view of the Danube to our right and the tiny towns and huge vineyards to our left. We stopped in Sptitz ( pron. Shpeets) Most of us loved it. But some of us (ahem Mom) got a little too sore in the rear and pooped out right before the end. So, instead of making it to the very end of the original ride we ended in Durnstein which turned out to be fortuitous because we found out the last boat had already left the town we were originally headed to.

White Lamb Hotel. How cute is the key? I'm thinking lambs may be making an appearance in our home. We'll see.

On the cruise down the Danube back to Melk. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss.

Town square in Melk.
So the Abby is ginormous and unless I had an SLR camera (ahem) there is no way I could capture the whole thing.

I couldn't get over the white painted tree trunks. It made the gardens for me.

The ceilings.

John wanted to feed the Koi. All I had was a Kashi fruit and nut bar sooooo......
I tried to take some pics inside the abby but my camera battery went caput so this is what you get.

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