Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello there. Trip to Eastern Europe. First, Prague.

I am the luckiest.

For our one year anniversary and my 30th birthday, my husband and I, along with my parents went to Eastern Europe for two weeks.
Here is a smattering of highlights and pictures from our adventure.
Days 1, 2, & 3 - Prague, Czech Republic
Day 1
We left on Saturday May 14th. After the longest flight ever (17 hours) and almost missing our flight by two minutes to Prague we arrived at 10 am on Sunday and hit the ground running. We went straight out to the Prague town square and saw their famous astronomical clock, ate gellati, took a two and a half hour walking tour of downtown, ate a pastry called a Trdelnk (which we refered to as a "turtleneck" the rest of the trip, walked through a cathedral or three, ate a very traditional Czek dinner, ate more gellati and passed out.

We woke up early and went to Hvelska Street Market where we ate fresh pastries and fruit and shopped for lots of souvenirs. Afterward we went to Prague Castle and took a big tour of the grounds and their cathedral. We got some more pastries. Learned the metro and took it to the Charles bridge. Saw the Danube. We finished the night with a marionette show of "Don Giovanni", which was awful and we left during the intermission.

Day 3
Took a fenicular train up to the Veterans gardens. Saw birds flowers and their "Eiffel Tower". We walked a lot and ate gellati like 14 times. Then we rented paddle boats and floated (translation, John and Dad paddled the girls around) around the river. Saw the "Fred and Ginger" dancing building. Climbed to the top of the powder tower and took some beautiful pictures of the city. Took a peek inside their beautiful city hall. Went to the Mucha museum, which turned out to be tiny. Then, ended the night with some delicious food and bad service.

I've always always wanted to have to walk up stairs to get on a plane. I felt so "mad men"!

Immediately after we got out of the cab, we started shopping.

The streets. <3

Town square, in front of their famous clock.

The famous Prague astronomical clock. It has four dials that tell all sorts of weird things.

The "turtleneck" stand. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you we ate at least 10 of these over the course of our trip.
Very top of the clock tower.
The opera house

City street

Franz Kafka statue. A famous Czech author.

"The Bake Shop"

Street musicians

Havelske Market


Prague Castle

I was shopping for dinner clothes. ;)

View from the top of the hill at the castle.

My favorite stained glass window in the cathedral. The only one designed by Alfonse Mucha.
Crossing the Charles Bridge

Legend says if you touch one side then you have good luck. And if you touch the other it means you will one day return to Prague. Lets hope its true!

Don Giovanni

City Square at night.

Hundreds of nesting dolls. Oh yes, I had to buy one.

The "Fred & Ginger" Dancing house.

At the Veterans Gardens

Their "Eiffel Tower"

Taking the funicular back down.

The original mini

On the paddle boats in the Danube.

Cllimbing powder tower.

Views from the top.

My tiny dinner, with bad service.

Good bye Prague.

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