Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another victim of an indecisiveness...

For some time now I have been second guessing my pale blue/coral color scheme in my LR. I have been fighting it due to the simple fact that it was one of only two rooms that I had really settled on a design scheme for. But, the more I thought about it the more I realized there were a couple of thing that just didn't quite sit right with me about it. I thought the pale blue and pale pinky orange to be a tad juvenile for a home with zero children. It also really lends itself to a beach theme which is definitely not what I'm aiming for. And so I changed my mind. Not a lot but I did change it nonetheless. 

Before I tell you what I changed it too, I'll tell you the convo I had with John about it:

Me: So I'm starting to rethink the blue and orange color scheme down here. 
John: (look of reliefe on his face) Oh good! I was hoping you would. I didn't want to say anything cause I could see you loved it so much but I didn't like it.
Me: (now looking shocked and a tad worried) Really? You never even hinted. 
John: I didn't want to hurt your feelings. And I figured if it made you happy then I'd be fine with it. But  I don't like the idea of the blue walls, I'd rather have something more neutral like a brown. 
Me: Oh. (quickly trying to hide my magazine containing my inspiration picture) 
John: Why what did you have in mind now? 
Me: Ummm... never mind. 
John: No show me I want to see it. 
Me: Uh... ok.... but you're not going to like it. 

*note the mint green/blue walls

John: (silence) I like this. 
Me: But the walls are still pretty much blue. Just more of a mint blue. I just wanted to add green and navy instead of the coral. 
John: Ya...I like it....I just want you to be happy with it. 

What a great husband I have. 


  1. aww. thats so sweet, what a great husband.

  2. Cute but still pretty beachy.

  3. Wow! He's a keeper.