Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello there. Vienna.

Day 6,7,8

Vienna, Austria

Day 6.
For John and I, this was our day of rest. After driving half the day we decided to take it easy when we got to the room. So, we slept till about 7 or 8 while my parents went and toured the city. Once we got up, wewandered around for a bit, found some dinner and went to bed. Fun!

Day 7
We started the day by going to a huge outdoor market. It may have been one of my favorite places while we were there. The first section was stand after stand of delicous enticing food. Then we moved on to clothes and souvieners and then, my favorite part, flea market antiques. Sadly, I left with nothing even though there was a golden woodpecker doorknocker with my name on it. Once we were done stuffing our faces at the market we took a tour of the Vienna Opera house. John wasn't too impressed but I thought it was beautiful and I wish that we could have had the oppertunity to see a show. After, we went over to the museum section. My mom and dad went to a different museum (that I can't for the life of me remember the name of) while John and I went to the Belvedere. One of my favorite artists is Gustov Klimt and I got to see "The Kiss", his most famous piece, in person. Happily, it rained while we were both inside. So we once again missed whatever inclement weather may dampened our day. We then went downtown and did a quick tour of Stephansdome Cathedral. It was unfortuntaly under construction but it was still a sight to behold.

Day 8
Happy Birthday to me! Can you believe I got to celebrate my 30th with my family! In Vienna! I'm so lucky. In the morning we went straight over and toured Hapsburg Palace. We also made sure to eat their famous apple strudel while we were there. Yum! We ate lunch at a great Italian cafe, Vapiano where you customize your entire meal. We then went over to Schonnbrunn Palace and did the tour there. It was huge. A three parter and we were easily there for about four hours. The first, the "dish" tour, is literally a two hour tour (that we skipped about half way through) of their entire dish collection. The second was the Sissi tour. It covered the life and times of the famous Queen and all of her strange habits. The last part was the "apartment" tour. Which was no apartment at all. Unless you call a castle an apartment. At this point we were starved. Again. So after a quick nap in the park we went for my fancy birthday dinner. A hot dog. We were so hungry and agreed that rather than wander around looking for a good restaurant and then wait another hour or more for food we would all be quite happy with trying the famed hot dog stand behind the opera house. I had a curry dog. And it was delish! Dessert came from the famous bakery Aida's. At the end of the day, my mom and I went and saw a great classical music show after dinner. There was orchestral, opera and dancing throughout the performance and was very enjoyable.

And that concludes Vienna. Onto Budapest!

Sitting in front of the Wein Opera House
At the Flea Market

Hahaha! Isn't she great!
Man I wanted these!
They sell peonies! Everywhere.
This is the museum my parents went to.
In front of Schonbrunn Palace

The Wein Opera House
At the Belevedere
This was our only picture inside as we found out after that we were not aloud to take them. Aside from the fact that this is not a modern art museum we both started cracking up when we saw the pink blob.
The back "yard" of the Belvedere
Stephansdome Cathedral

Hapsburg Palace

Its really really huge.
Just a pretty building

From the dish tour.

Some of the sculptures that were all over the city.


Birthday Dinner!

The Opera house were my mom and I saw our show.

Let me just say I really do plan to finish these posts. My motivation is that I have lots of other posts waiting to go up and I wont let myself post anything else until I get these done. If it wasn't for the extremely un-user-friendly format of blogger I would have had these done. But I am persevering!

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  1. Hi. You swapped the palaces - Hapsburg <---> Schoenbrunn