Monday, November 14, 2011

A quick hello and a little teaser...

Hi everyone! 

I'm still alive and shockingly doing well in school. For a while there I thought I was going to have to become a hairdresser or something but as luck would have it my brain has finally decided to cooperate and it has made all the difference in the world! Ha! 

Nothing new with the house to report. Sadly, I haven't had a moment to do anything. My sweet husband doesn't either cause he encouraged me to quit my job so that I could really devote all my time to school and has taken on some extra "side work" to make up the difference.  Although I will gripe that my brand new dryer is already broken. Its being fixed but it doesn't make me feel very optimistic about its future. We'll see I guess. 

On to the teaser!  Very soon here I will be taking on a personal challenge and blogging about my experience EVERY SINGLE DAY for a month! WOAH! I know I know, try not to wet yourself with excitement. I'm keeping the challenge a secret until I start so keep your eyes peeled for the next post. I can't give you an exact date of when it will start, I have to do some "studying" about it before I can really be ready but I will tell you that it has nothing to do with nursing school or interior decorating. So yay for a change in subject right?! 

I haven't taken any pictures of me lately so you'll just have to deal with another picture of Jax. He is just the sweetest little butternut squash you ever did meet! He loves to be next to his mama at all times and so this is generally what its like when I'm at the computer trying to study.  

He likes to hold hands. SO CUTE!!!!! 
He's sound asleep. I tried moving my hand away several times but he would wake up and keep putting his paw back or adjust himself so he could keep holding hands with me. 


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  1. Ha! I love that you called him a "butternut squash!" That might catch on with my pup. Clicked over from Nat the Fat Rat and just wanted to say hello and to come by reverie. any time!