Sunday, September 18, 2011

And so the wait is over!

Guess what? I FINALLY am posting pics of the new house! Yay! You'll have to forgive my lateness, what with unpacking and starting school things have been very hectic to say the least. And then, when I had planned on doing it my nose went and got sick on me so I was laid up in bed for a few days. But here I am! And here they are. Just a few disclaimers before we begin:
1) I am no photographer. As hard as I try my pictures come out look as amateur as they possibly can.
2) We have most of the house unpacked but for some reason this last 10% has been sitting around for no good reason other than we just don't want to do it.
3) Its a mess. Of course.
Ok, so this is the master.
I should also tell you all that every square inch of wall, ceiling and moulding has been dipped in some sort of oatmeal beige. Which has its pros and cons. The pro being that its a lot more easy on the eyes than your average builder white/primer. The con that once we do paint (and it will be very soon) we now also have to paint the trim, doors, and ceilings.
As you may have figured out there is A LOT of natural light throughout the house. Again, has its pros and cons. But I'm normally a "more is more" kinda girl when it comes to that so I'm fine with it.

This ceiling, fan? I installed that myself. Alone. I decided I wanted to surprise John with not only my superb knowledge of ceiling fan installation (that didn't exist before watching a youtube video or three.) but also give him a much needed fan as our A/C upstairs up and quit on us for the first couple of weeks we were there. See those windows? THE HEAT WAS BRUTAL! Anyhoo, imagine if you can, the highly intelligent me precariously standing on top of a large plastic storage bin situated on top of the bed installing the fan at night with the only light coming from the M bath. I told you. Super smart. Well, it works and I'm not dead so it worked out. Although, I would venture to say it wouldn't hurt for us to buy a ladder.

The doorway to the M bath. Its framed a little weird because instead of making the entire original opening smaller they kinda did it the lazy way. Oh well. I don't mind it that much.

My vanity. I actually found a cute little vintage stool for it yesterday. Now all I need is a mirror. (and perhaps a darling chandelier!)

This is my side of the closet. The hanging and organization took forever.

Johns side.

The upstairs loft.

View from the loft to the stairs.

The laundry room. And let me just say I LOVE MY FRONT LOADERS!!!!!! They have cut my loads in half!

The "tech center". We have no clue what we are going to do with this space. The model, had a desk and some cabinets installed above to make it a little workstation but I don't know.

bathroom 2. This is all you get to see cause clearly she is need of some serious work.

The other two bedrooms

This is bedroom 1. Which will at some point become my craft/study room.

Bedroom 2. Which will be a guest room.

View from the laundry area down the hall to the loft

My kitchen. Isn't she purdy!

The fridge is John's favorite. We must have stood there with the doors wide open staring at it for like 5 minutes.
A view from the kitchen to the living room/dining area.
This is the disappearing wall in the kitchen and our teensy back yard.
D stairs powder room

Yup got the paint samples already hung up for choosing!

The dining area.

Living room. And a pretty good view of our "wood" tile floors.

Johns Den.
View from Living room to kitchen.
And here, as embarrassing as this is, is a video for my loved ones whom I know wont be able to see it anytime soon.
*Nevermind. I literally waited for an HOUR trying to upload this and it never worked. I'll try again later, but I know you have enough pictures to enjoy yourself till then.


  1. I LOVE your home and what you're doing with it. I can't wait to come out early next year and see all your decorating come to life.

  2. cute house. I <3 it!