Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello there, dream city

Have I ever mentioned my extreme love affair with New York City? Its bad. Like, first crush bad. From the moment I stepped foot into that beautiful chaotic abyss I knew this was exactly where I was meant to live. Unfortunately so do 8 million other people. Really. I googled it.

Why am I talking about New York right now? Because, right this very minute my family back east is getting dumped on by a mother snow storm. And I am insanely jealous. Meanwhile I am sitting here in Arizona with a short sleeved sweater on and wishing that we would have a real winter. Or at least some rain to change things up a bit. But alas, I live in the desert. Home of the countries most boring weatherman job ever. "Today it will be sunny and hot." Repeat times, forever.

So all this wishing for snow and wanting to live back east again got me thinking about my dream land NYC and the thought occured to me. Why not? No, really. Why can't we live there? Once I graduate school that is. We have no children and no real reason to stay in Arizona. We are young, (will) both have careers that will let us work anywhere we want so why can't we live in NYC. So I text my hubs and asked him if this...and this... and this... then....can we? And you know what he said. YES
He said yes!!!! I feel like I just proposed. Granted, his yes was more of a "if it's right and there is nothing keeping us here, then yes" But its a yes just the same. And so, I am happy. And dreaming of living in a tiny little closet of an apartment in the best city in the world.

Until then, I'll continue doing what is taking up my free time at the moment. Figuring out how I can get my hair to dry like this two times in a row. No really! I went running with wet hair and when I came back it looked shockingly good! Weird!

(By the way I made my sweater. You can't see it very well. But I promise. It's cute.)

dreaming of new york. -

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