Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh! Hello there!

Oh Hi! 

Remember me? 


Don't blame you. 

So, I wont take up a thousand pages by trying to catch you up on the last forever ago. For those of you who read my blog, aka mom, you know I've been busy. Actually, busy is an understatement. I've been immersed  engrossed, my life was taken over completely by nursing school. Fourth semester kicked. my. butt! It was by far the worst semester ever. So between that, and then studying for NCLEX I've been... unavailable to say the least.   

Long story short, I AM A NURSE!!!! A real bonafide, licensed registered nurse. 


Anyway, now I'm job hunting. Fun. (insert heavy sarcasm) 

Thank you everyone for your support and positivity throughout this entire process. It was appreciated more than you know. I love you!

I found them sleeping like this. The pic is bad cause it was super dark but I was afraid if I turned the light on they would move.

 My best friend and I on graduation day.

 Britt and I

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